Battle of the Regions 2021- George

Hunter Field Target‘s iconic Battle of the Regions will be held in George 13 & 14 November 2021 hosted by Outeniqua Airgun Club at the George Sport Shooting Club range.

This event started a few years back & has been on everyone’s calendar as a “go to” event in the HFT community. Unfortunately the 2020 event got bulldozed by the unfortunate epidemic state in our country & all over the World.

Hope to see all the old faces & plenty new ones this year.

Prepare yourselves for an epic battle between George, Capelands, PE & hopefully Gauteng as well this time around.

Battle of the Regions 2019 video made by Walter van der Merwe.

Please note that due to the current circumstances we will only be allowed to continue with our sport and utilise these facilities if we strictly abide by the rules and ensure strong protocols are followed at all times.

As with all other shops / businesses / etc. you will be required to complete a health questionnaire before being admitted and your temperature taken. If your temperature is higher than 37.5 (degrees C) or you answer Yes to any of the health risk questions you will be requested to leave the premises. There will also be a compliance officer/s to ensure we all remain safe so please adhere to all protocols, alternatively you will be requested to leave the premises immediately.

Iā€™m sure, like me, you are all eager to take up your favorite sport and get outside again so we would really appreciate your co-operation at all times.

A few things to take into consideration should you plan on attending any of the upcoming events:

  • Only participants and guardians will be admitted to the range ā€“ no visitors/spectators will be allowed.
  • Please ensure that you bring a suitable face mask, ensure it is worn properly and at all times.
  • You will not be able to share a shooting mat or any other equipment with other shooters (except with someone from your household) so please ensure that you bring all your necessary equipment.
  • Though we will endeavor to ensure as safe an environment as possible and implement all protocols required, please consider the impact to you and or your family if:
    • You are a person at risk
    • Someone in your household is a person at risk
    • That there may be participants attending that work in a high risk environment

Battle Of The Regions Scoring

Scoring Groups:

Group 1. PCP

Open PCP
Ladies PCP
Junior U/18 PCP

Group 2. Recoil

Open Recoil
Ladies Recoil
Junior U/18 Recoil

Group 3. High Power

High Power all

Group 4. Junior U/13

Junior U/13 all

Shooter score:

Day 1: Shooter score as percentage of applicable scoring group max for day.
Day 2: Shooter score as percentage of applicable scoring group max for day.
Total% = Day 1 % + Day 2 %

Region Team score:

Best 4 Total% per region summed. (Excluding High Power and U/13)


Open PCP
Open Recoil
Junior U/18
High Power
Junior U/13

Shooter must nominate class before day 1 shooting.

Time Information

8am will be setup of range & shoot-in range
9am Basic safety briefing with shoot-in to follow
10:30am Competition Safety briefing with first leg of Battle of the Regions 2021
After competition each entrant will receive one Boerewors & one cold drink.
Sales of extra Boerewors & cold drinks will be available.
Afternoon: Preparation for leg two on Sunday.

7am will be setup of range & shoot-in range
8am Basic safety briefing with shoot-in to follow
9am Competition Safety briefing with second leg of Battle of the Regions 2021
Prize giving to start soon after all scores are in.

Entry fee: R100

Link to Entry Form